Nike Running Pacer Portal Homepage

The Nike Running team maintains a hands-on relationship with independently-owned, small-to-mid-sized shoe retailers through a team called the Nike Pacers. This group of road-warriors criss-cross the country to sing the praises of upcoming running shoe models, deliver promo shoes, go on runs with retailers and capture feedback.

I led the discovery, content strategy and user experience design phases to build Nike a secure, centralized system to achieve the following:

  • Disseminate official pre-release shoe information
  • Initiate and manage promotional shoe orders
  • Capture feedback from retailers who tested shoes
  • Track system usage of both Pacers and Retailers

Elements of the design were customized for each color way and seasonal visual center.

Promotional shoe orders could be related to specific stores and their employees for tracking purposes.

A streamlined ecosystem

Understanding the journey of each critical player.

This system supported several business objectives and multiple user profiles. It had to be the hub that unified each critical process.

We worked with each user group to understand how they worked and what information they needed to be successful.

Rapid, low fidelity iteration on each workflow informed a more precise content strategy.

Monitoring performance

Tracking feedback and participation.

A major component to this experience was capturing feedback from retailers.

As retailers tested each promotional shoe they were asked to share their experience.

Tracking was built in to monitor shoe feedback and system usage.

“You went from worst to first.”

~ Retailer in Texas after experiencing the new high-touch service.